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Luxe Pickleball

Ace - Arch

Ace - Arch

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Looking for a higher level of control and consistency?

  • 13mm Thickness
  • Carbon Fiber Face
  • Textured Surface
  • Honeycomb Polymer Core

These paddles are slightly thicker at 13mm, providing players with enhanced precision and performance. The textured surface allows for increased ball control and the ability to put more spin on the ball, giving players an edge on the court.

These paddles are designed for serious players who demand the best in performance and style. 

Face: Carbon Fiber

Core: Polypropylene (Polymer) Honeycomb
Skill Level: Beginner - Professional

 Weight: 7.75 OZ
Length: 7.638"
Height: 15.591"
Grip Length: 4.82"
Grip Circumference: 4.5"

*Please note these meet USA Pickleball standards, but are not yet approved with Luxe.

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