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Holbrook Pickleball

The Power Pro 16 Blue

The Power Pro 16 Blue

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he Holbrook Power Pro paddle, now updated with an aesthetically pleasing blue lining, continues to offer the same exceptional performance as before. It is designed for extreme power and spin while maintaining a controlled touch, making it a top choice for elite players seeking enhanced performance.

Available in 16mm sizes, the Power Pro caters to various playing styles. The 16mm version, the thickest in the range, still delivers significant power and pop. Its added thickness lends a more controlled feel and a forgiving sweet spot, ideal for precision play.

Part of Holbrook's esteemed Pro Series Line, the Power Pro is engineered with cutting-edge technology. This technology enhances the paddle's ability to amplify power, spin, and controlled touch, elevating your game to new heights. The new blue lining not only adds a touch of style but also signifies its high-end status in the Holbrook lineup.

• Core: Unibody Edgecraft Foam Injected Polypropylene 

• Surface: Unibody Force-Tec Unidirectional T700 Carbon Fiber

• Grip: Specialized Comfort Grip

• Specs: 16.5” H x 7.5” W

• Weight: 8.0 oz

• Grip Length: 5.5 in

• Grip Circumference: 4.25 in

• Thickness: 16mm

Let's keep it real – buy the paddle and your pickleball game will thank you later. 

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