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The Best Paddle™️

The Best Paddle Backpack

The Best Paddle Backpack

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We are excited to release our limited edition black and white pickleball paddle backpack.  This is the best bag you can have in pickleball to carry all of your gear!  With three large areas, you can carry up to 10-15 paddles, shoes, water bottles, balls, etc.  It also has 3 smaller zipper pockets to store small sized items such as your phone, car keys, or wallet.  Our bags are made out of polyurethane leather, which is an high quality artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer.  This back also resists rain water to help protect your items.  Show up to your local pickleball court with the best pickleball backpack!

Backpack Specs:

Bag Length: 24.4 inches

Bag Width:  13 inches

Bag Thickness:  14.17 inches

Bag Weight:  55 oz (empty)


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